Here are linked items that you may find interesting. Some are written by students, gust hosts, friends, musicians, associates and colleagues.

If you are surprised Dwight didn’t include your site or article, please don’t be hurt, but rather contact him and he can send your URL to the web master for inclusion.

A whole lot of fiddling from WV fiddlers

Drumming and Banjo

Why Bluegrass and Old Time are not the same

Proper Approach to Horsemanship and Banjo

Accepting Your Babble

What I have learned from you

Rifle shooting and banjo

Suggestions for Learning Banjo from Dwight

Classical violinist Itzak Perlman says while watching videos of other great performers: “Never mind technique. They had fantastic control of rhythm.” Read the entire article from The New York Times, July 25, 2002 (opens in new window)

Ancient Archery

Roots of American Fiddle Music (opens in new window)

Gordon Banks’ Old Time Music Page (opens in new window)

Banjo Newsletter 1996

Good Listening on the Web. If you have cable or DSL, check out some of the recordings available online.

Explain God: A boy’s thoughts on God

The Dwight Diller Enculturation Process

Move on the Downbeat – written by Libby

Is There Too Much Music? (opens in new window)


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