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Sherman fiddle 0 Lov-lie Nancy
Maggie banjo/vocal 5.3 Across the Rocky Mountain
Burl fiddle 22.3 Sugar Grove Blues
Maggie banjo 32.15 Jack of Diamonds
Burl fiddle 0.25 Lord Batesman
Maggie banjo 18.2 The Falling of the Leaves
Maggie/Burl fiddle 24.18 Jimmy Johnson with fiddlesticks
Burl fiddle 32.21 Cranberry Rock
Burl banjo 37.4 A Hog’ll Root
Banjo tune 42.09 Callaway
James fiddle 50 Money Musk
Dwight Diller banjo 50.38 Jake Gilley/Yew piney Mountain/Arkansas Traveller
Dwight Diller banjo Chicken Reel/Kitty Snyder/Lost Girl
Edn fiddle 2.45 On My Way to see Nancy
Edn fiddle 5.35 Shakin’ down the Acorns
Sherman fiddle 10.15 Three Forks of Cheat
Maggie vocal 33.15 Joker Jess
Sherman fiddle 36.11 Callaway
Lee Hammons banjo 40.29 Callaway
Gail Hatton vocal 46 Bright Stars are Rising
Lee Hammons banjo 9.5 More Pretty Girls than One
Maggie vocal 13.45 Song in the Pines
Burl/Maggie 15.41 Sally Goodin with fiddlesticks
Sherman banjo 18.5 Sugar Babe
21 Soldier’s Joy
Dwight Diller/Len Reiss/Paul Haggard Cripple Creek
Lee Hammons banjo 25.1 More Pretty Girls than One
Sherman banjo 26.1 John Henry Blues
Sherman banjo 27.15 Muddy Roads
Sherman banjo 28.3 Sugar Babe
Sherman banjo 29 Cripple Creek
Sherman vocal 29.3 The Three Little Babes
Burl banjo 32 The Wilson Clog
Burl fiddle 33.12 The Three Forks of Cheat
Sherman fiddle 35.15 Christmas Morning
Sherman fiddle 36.15 Hawk Shot a Buzzard
Sherman fiddle 39 The Three Forks of Cheat
Sherman fiddle 40.3 Star of Bethlehem
Sherman fiddle 41.3 Greasy Coat
Lee Hammons fiddle 42.4 Greasy Coat
Lee Hammons fiddle 44.45 Kitty Snyder
Lee Hammons banjo 45.35 Callaway
Lee Hammons 46.5 Wild Man in the Forest
Dwight Diller poem 47.4 Our First Days

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