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And he told us about killing a big rattlesnake in the snow about that deep, told us about killing a big rattlesnake, that durn dog he said he heared and looked and there was a big rattlesnake and hit, the snow, that deep. Harlan, said, “I didn’t know the rattlesnakes stirred out in the snow.” “Oh yes, Hell”, he said, “they turn” and we started on, on up the road, and Clyde’d get behind and pinch the dog’s tail ahead and it’d get all you know, kind’a fetch a whine, you know. “The darn dog,” he said, “now hit’s here somewhere.” “Be careful, “Clyde said, “Now I bet you,” he said, “hit does, watch it.” And every time old George started to tell the tale you know, tell it, Claude slipped and pinched the dog you know and it‘d kind’a whine you know and jump. “Watch it,” he said. “You better be a’watchin’,” he said, “hit’s somethin’ right here,” he said. “You’d better be a’watchin’,” he said, “boys,” for he said, “hit’s somethin’, he won’t” he say he said “hit won’t get out.” And it wouldn’t get out from behind him, no sir. It stayed right behind him, it wouldn’t get out nowhere, and Claude’d pinch the tail ever’ once in a while. Well, we got up there, and left old George Davis a’settin’ tellin’ them big tales.


Within a certain social strata, individuality is accepted and highly prized, and to a lesser extent is encouraged. Conformity, although useful in some areas of life, is not always the goal. As noted above, Evolution is certainly not a theory anymore; it is proven by the “facts at hand”. Rattlesnakes, which have always been “cold blooded” (poikilothermic), have suddenly become “warm blooded” (homoeothermic), and able to move around in snow at least as high as a West Virginian mountain man’s shins. 

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