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B: And some of ’em, oh they told ’em they ‘as a’gonna whup ol’ Bill Fay fer somethin he’d done, I dunno what it was. And they walked, they said he walked pigeon-toed kindly, ol’ Bill Fay did, kindly like that ya know. Now he was a sort ah low heavy-set feller ya know. Now, an’, an’, they tol’ that they was a’gonna whup th’ ol’ man Bill Fay fer somethin’ he’d done, I dunno what, they’d done some kind’a little . . . sump’n’ I dunno what it was, what he had done now. And, “eh,” my Grandpa said “You’d better let Bill Fay alone, I tell you one thing” he said. “Eh,” he said, “I’ll, I kin whup him just as easy as any, won’t take me long to whup that ol’ feller,” he said. And, now Grandpa said “You’d better let him alone, I’m tellin’ ya” he said, “you’ll find out,” he said. Now he said, “I know,” he said, “you think he’s a kind of a clumsy like feller,” he said, “to see him goin’ off pigeon-toed now.” “I’ll show ya” he said, “you wait, when I meet up with him.” And, and one day ol’ Bill was a’goin’ up the road and here come that man, and he told him he was a’goin’ ta whup him. And ol’ Bill said, “I don’ want no trouble with,” he said, “I don’ want no trouble with yuh, yessir.” “I’m gonna whup you,” he said. An’ they said there was a rail fence there, there, you know how they build them ol’ rail fence somewhere in the country, that’s the only kind of fence they had. “Yep,” he said “I’m gonna whup you this time,” he said. I fergit what Bill had done some little thing that didn’ amount to nothin’. Ol’ Bill said, “He better not,” he said, “try jumpin’ on me,” he said. “I tell ya I don’ want no trouble with yuh.” “Yep, I’m gonna whup yuh.” And he said the ol’ man Bill Fay sprung over that fence so quick, just jumped it. He said he just, just kindly put one ham and just sprung over. Now they said that he get, just pert near beat that man to death. They said he just come an inch of killin’ him.
D: Well.
B: Thought he had killed him. He said, “I didn’t want no trouble with you but,” he said, “you irked it on.” Yeah, they get mad boys, and they got mad now they’d fight, them ol’ fellers would, I tell ya they would.


Bill Fay (sp) was married to Grandpa Jess Hammons’ sister, Aunt Bets. Grandpa understood what the man making the threats was up against if he continued to challenge Bill Fay to fisticuffs. However, he who made the threats did not have sense enough to choose the better part of valour. The point is that there seemed to be a code which was to try avoid a fight, but when it came, then take it totally to the end. That it rise no more.

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