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B: Andtheyhada,theyhadamareandcolt…
D: Yes ma’am.
B: And, uh, my great grandfather, he’d went to the store. It uz a long way, but . . . and she said, direckly, they had a dog, and she said direckly, she said she heared the old mare, she said, a comin down through the bottom, she said, jus’ the awfullest noise that ever she heared and she said she looked and there was a big panther on, on the old mare, and she said that she jus’ jumped out and sicced the dog, and the panther jus’ jumped out, jus’ jumped off a the old mare’s back and jus’ went on t’other place, but it kep’ it up there till the ol’ man come and he killed him.
D: Well.

Notes: Burl also told this story a few days after the one above. I will try to keep it as close as I can to the way he told it. “One day she was at home by herself and the kids. It was late in the day and all at once she heard somethin up on the roof tearin at the shakes. She was scared near to death when she saw it was a panther pullin them off. She quick pushed the kids under the bed and got the rifle ready. it was one of them old mountain rifles that only had one shot in it. The panther was lookin down into the house. She got ready and when it sprung down, she pulled the trigger. It was dead when it hit the bed”.

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